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Sleeper Pine (Tr) 200mm x 100mm x 2400

New Softwood Sleeper 200mm x 100mm. High pressure treated in Brown to protect against the elements. These sleeper are ideal for all gardening and landscaping settings. 2.4 metres long.
€25.92 incl vat

Hozelock 4 Piece Nozzle & Fittings Starter Set

Hozelock 4 Piece Nozzle & Fittings Starter Set is the perfect starter kit to keep up your garden and landscaping maintenance. This set is ideal for connecting to an outdoor water tap, to enable you to start using a hosepipe. The nozzle will help with all sorts of jobs around your home, from watering your garden, to washing your car.
€10.46 incl vat

Hozelock Assembled 2 in 1 Hose Reel + 25m Hose and Fitting

The Hozelock Hose2 in 1 Reel is a ready assembled hose reel complete with 25 metres of 12.5mm hose. This reel can be used free standing to allow mobility, or alternatively comes with wall brackets included to allow this to be wall mounted. This features a one piece winding handle allowing for quick and easy rewinding, alongside a sturdy frame with reinforced axis, which ensure stability and ease of use.
€39.84 incl vat

Timber Decking Treated Board 144mm x 32mm

Our Timber Decking Treated Board 144mm x 32mm is hard wearing and long lasting, perfect for your landscaping or garden project. It is easy to maintain and comes pressure treated to ensure durability. Uncoated Timber installed externally will weather to a natural silver grey if left unprotected.
€13.78 incl vat

Stanley Twin Pack Tylon Measuring Tapes 5m (16ft) & 8m (26ft)

Stanley Twin Pack Tylon Measuring Tapes 5m (16ft) & 8m (26ft) have a matt finish blade that reduces glare for easy reading. Tylon™ is up to 1.5 times more resistant to abrasion than the normal lacquered blade. They are fitted with a Tru-zero hook, that compensates accurately for internal and external measurements, with triple rivet construction for improved strength and durability.
€11.98 incl vat

Evo-Stik Silicone MP 300ml

Evo-Stik Silicone MP Sealant is a versatile acetoxy silicone sealant. Specially developed for top sealing in glazing systems, perimeter joints around window and door frames and joints in kitchens and bathrooms. Available in a range of colours
€9.96 incl vat

OX Professional Tough 15L Bucket

The OX Professional Tough 15L Bucket is a tough 15L bucket manufactured with a high rubber content which allows the bucket to bend and flex rather than split or crack. Ideal for mixing, pouring and transporting materials.
€7.38 incl vat

Bahco 244 Saw Twinpack with Tape

The Bahco 244 Hardpoint Twinpack Saw features universal tooth set with high frequency hardened teeth giving up to 5x the life of conventional teeth. Also included is the 5m Measuring Tape featuring both metric and imperial scales.
€25.22 incl vat

Bostik MSP106 Invisible 290ml

Bostik MSP106 is an ultra versatile SM polymer product which is completely transparent. It is ideal for bonding transparent elements such as glass to glass as it does not yellow.
€18.15 incl vat

Bostik MSP 109 Turbo Bond 290ml

Bostik MSP 109 Turbo Bond is a high-quality grab adhesive based on a Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP) that offers a high bond strength enabling instant grab. Bostik MSP 109 Turbo Bond is solvent free, vibration and shock resistant and UV and weather resistant. Bostik MSP 109 Turbo Bond can be used for sticking a wide range of building materials including; vertical bonding of heavy items such as brick, stone, and ceramic tiles without support.
€17.91 incl vat

Pur 7 Foam 750Ml

Pur 7 Foam is a Fire-Retardant Class B2 low expansion handheld Expanding Foam that uniquely stops expanding when it meets resistance. Supplied in a 750ml aerosol.
€8.61 incl vat