Tiling Drill Bits

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Diamond Superior Tile Drill Bit XT1

Diamond Superior Tile Drill Bit XT1 is a fast drilling, long life diamond drill supplied with unique water container for accurate positioning and cooling of the diamond tip. Available in 6 and 8mm.
€27.23 incl vat

Porcelain Tile Drill Bit

€6.90 incl vat

Tala Professional Diamond Tile Drill Bit

Diamond grit edged bit. For use on porcelain, granite, stone, terracotta and ceramic. Slotted bit design for easy waste removal. Suitable for use with most power drills. Must be used with a water based cooling system. Available sizes: 6mm and 8mm.
€8.33 incl vat

Tile & Glass Drill Bit

Tile & Glass Drill Bit is suitable for the drilling of Ceramics, Glass Tiles, Mirrors, Windows, etc. The bits have large spear-shaped tips with precise cutting angles made from tungsten carbide, allowing you to start holes with ease. The shape of the bits also reduces the risk of tile chipping significantly, letting you drill holes without fear of your tiles breaking. Available in 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm.
€4.70 incl vat

Reisser Diamond Porcelain Tile Drill

Reisser Premium TCT Tile & Glass Drill is used for the rotary drilling of hard porcelain tiles ≤ PEI Grade 5. Lubrication reduces heat and greatly increases service life. For rotary drilling machines.
€48.92 incl vat

Reisser Pilot Drill for 20/25mm

Reisser Pilot Drill for 20/25mm diamond tile drills. For rotary drilling machines.
€9.90 incl vat