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Glidevale G3 Versatile Flat Tile Vent

The Glidevale G3 Flat tile ventilator is designed to fit plain tiles and ventilate through the roof slope and form an integral part of the roof covering. Suitable for retro fitting where the roof covering is not being replaced. Suitable for use as soil vent pipe or mechanical extract terminals with separately supplied accessories. Available in Grey or Black.
€30.26 incl vat

Glidevale G5 Tile Ventilator

The Glidevale G5 Tile Ventilator resolves the problem of tile profile matching with a single solution for all. It can be used for all roof space ventilation requirements and can also be adapted into an SVP and mechanical extraction terminal by means of a pipe adaptor and flexible pipe. Available in 3 colours to match existing tiles.
€40.60 incl vat