Straps & Restraints

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Galvanised Standard Duty Strap Straight

Galvanised Standard Duty Straight Straps are used to provide Vertical restraint against wind and pressure.
€2.90 incl vat

Galvanised Standard Twist Strap - Twisted at 100mm

This Galvanised Standard Twist Strap is twisted at 100mm from the edge, this strap presents the perfect alternative to standard heavy duty straps, as being cheaper and lighter, but as efficient if not better due to the rolled edge design.
€3.59 incl vat

Galvanised Standard Bent Strap - Bent at 100mm

This Galvanised Standard Bent Strap bent at 100mm and is ideal for projects where there is need to create new walls or floors as it provides anchorage of roof and floor structures.
€3.53 incl vat

Galvanised Heavy Duty 150mm Strap - Bent at 150mm

These Heavy Duty Galvanised Straps are bent at 150mm. They made from steel used to connect roof systems to walls, ensuring anchoring for robust structuring.
€10.34 incl vat