Plaster Primers

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Gyproc ThistleBond-it 10lt

Gyproc ThistleBond-it is a high performance plaster bonding agent, specially formulated for use on smooth and / or low suction backgrounds to provide an adequate key. It is coloured light green to help identify where it has been applied. for best results use with Gyproc Bonding Coat and a Gyproc finishing plaster. Apply with a roller for best results.
€76.91 incl vat

Johnstone's Trade Professional Undercoat Dark Grey

Johnstone's Trade Professional Undercoat is a solvent based undercoat with excellent opacity and obliteration, ideal for use with Johnstone's Trade Professional Gloss. Available in 2 sizes.
€25.72 incl vat

Johnstone's Trade Joncryl Water Based Primer Undercoat White 5lt

Johnstone's Trade Joncryl Water Based Primer Undercoat is an acrylic water based primer offering good obliteration and covering power. Typically used for priming bare wood but also suitable for Blockwork / Brickwork, Cement render, Concrete and Plaster. Solvent free, fast drying and low dour.
€50.69 incl vat