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Makita LD030P Laser Distance Meter 30m

Makita LD030P Laser Distance Meter 30m is compact, handy, an d specially designed for indoor applications. With an accurate range between 0.2 and 30 metres it is a fantastic pocket-sized laser measure. The 3 modes enable the laser to calculate single measurements, tracking function is for continuous measurement and there is area calculation too. The laser dot is clearly visible up to 30 meters.
€73.80 incl vat

Stabila Green Crossline Laser

Stabila Green Crossline Laser is the ideal partner for interior construction professionals who need accurate laser lines with optimum visibility. The innovative STABILA GREENBEAM technology provides razor-sharp, extremely bright, long laser lines to make your work even more efficient and productive. You can perform plumb-line and leveling work on the floor, wall and ceiling at the same time – making the laser a true all-rounder with numerous areas of application.
€246.22 incl vat