Gas Membranes

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Easi-Load Radon DPC 0.90m x 20m

Easi-Load Radon DPC 0.90m x 20m has been designed using thermoplastic co-polymer technology to give effective protection where a radon, air and moisture seal must pass through masonry walls. It is particularly suitable for cavity wall construction and can be used at all floor/wall junctions.
€116.43 incl vat

Monarflex RMB Radon Barrier (4 x 25m)

Monarflex Radon Barriers are high quality loose-laid radon resisting membranes made from blends of virgin low density polyethylene (LDPE). When used in a new building as part of a radon control system, they provides an effective barrier to the passage of radon, air and moisture from the underlying soil. Available in 350micron and 400micron.
€376.21 incl vat

Necoseal Radon Barrier 300Mu (4 x 20m)

Necoseal Radon Barrier 300Mu (4 x 20m) is a virgin polyethylene membrane. When used as part of the Necoflex RAM System it provides an effective radon, air-tightness and moisture seal in the foundations of a new building. Necoseal should be used in conjunction with Easi-Load Radon DPC at all masonry walls.
€144.11 incl vat

Visqueen Gas Resistant S/A Membrane 1 x 20m (Methane, DO2 & Radon)

Visqueen Gas Resistant S/A Membrane is a foil lined modified bitumen rubber membrane with a self adhesive coating protected by a removable polyethylene release film. Designed to prevent the transmission of carbon dioxide, radon, and methane gases. The product is silver on the upper surface and supplied in rolls 1m x 20m.
€381.88 incl vat