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Tala Floor Scraper

The Tala Floor Scraper has a steel shaft and stainless steel blade which is used to clean dirt and mess from floors. The lightweight scraper is strong and robust and easy to use.
€41.80 incl vat

Tala Floor Scraper Stainless Steel Blade Only

Professional quality. Supplied with stainless steel blade. Blade size: 240mm (9.1/2”)
€14.12 incl vat

Tala Window and Glass Scraper

Ideal for removing paint from windows and window frames. Comes with 6 heavy duty trimming knife blades and blade guard.
€3.59 incl vat

Caldwells 200mm / 8" Floor Scraper

Caldwells 200mm / 8" Floor Scraper is used for cleaning and preparing floors, removing loose and flaking floor paint by scraping, and removing contamination - including grease, fat and dirt etc. Ideal for warehouses, workshops floors, food preparation areas and garages etc.
€28.18 incl vat

Big Mutt Heavy Duty Floor Scraper

Big Mutt Heavy Duty Floor Scraper is ideal for heavy duty applications such as floor tile removal.
€47.97 incl vat