Cutting & Pruning

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Countryman Hedge Shear - 250mm (10in) Blade

Countryman Hedge Shear - 250mm (10in) Blade feature a 250mm straight blade. The hardwearing S50C steel blades are designed to both resist corrosion and provide a smooth frictionless performance. The blade tension can be easily adjusted by turning the daisy shaped wheel.
€20.79 incl vat

Countryman Bypass Lopper 760mm (30in) - Ratchet

Countryman Bypass Lopper 760mm (30in) - Ratchet utilise a powerful ratchet action that can effortlessly cut branches up to 38mm thick. The top quality SK5 Japanese steel blade provides a clean cut for a prolonged life. The loppers have a protective coating to prevent corrosion and a non-stick coating to reduce friction. Bypass cutting action is perfect for cutting live wood.
€28.35 incl vat

Countryman Bypass Secateurs - 215mm (8in)

Countryman Bypass Secateurs - 215mm (8in) are the perfect choice for cutting live wood and they’ll provide a clean stem cut with little bruising left on the plant. It features a high carbon steel SK5 precision ground and polished cutting blade, with a non-stick coating for a superior cutting performance.
€10.58 incl vat