Wrecking Bars

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Stanley Wonder Bar

Prying bar designed for strength and durability. Contoured bar makes pulling nails, prying, lifting and scraping easier. Forged high-carbon steel for increased strength and durability. Nail slots at both ends for easy nail removal.
€18.72 incl vat

Tala 15" Utility / Wonder Bar

Professional quality. Black finish. Available size: 380mm (15”)
€12.48 incl vat

Tala Crowbar Chisel/Point 1.5m

The Tala Crowbar Chisel is a 32 millimetre crowbar made from carbon steel, perfect as a demolition tool which is hardened and tempered at both ends.
€49.74 incl vat

Tala Pro Power Nail Bar

Wide claw surface for improved control. Low profile claw for increased power. Available sizes: 350mm (14”) and 600mm (24”)
€11.28 incl vat

Tala Wrecking Bar

Flattened metal claw that can be used to tear wooden structures apart. V-shaped notch that can be used to pull out large nails. Available sizes: 480mm (18”) and 600mm (24”).
€11.28 incl vat