Auger Bits

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Tala 235mm Auger Bit

Tala 235mm Auger bit is ideal for producing through-holes, pre-drilling for rafter nails and drilling deep dowel holes in wood. Heavy-duty self-feeding tip pulls the bit through completely, which allows for quick and effortless precision-drilling. Hex shank system. Available in a range of sizes.
€8.95 incl vat

Trade Dry Core Drill

The Spectrum 1/2in BSP Diamond Core Drill Gold is an ideal Core drill for trade professionals . The slotted barrel design gives efficient dust clearance and provides for ease of removal. Designed for Medium and soft bricks, concrete blocks (lightweight and dense) and abrasive concrete products it can occasional be used in harder materials e.g. semi engineering bricks and clay products. Available in 3 core sizes.
€49.74 incl vat

Reisser 4-Tip Fast 235mm Auger

Reisser 4-Tip Fast 235mm Auger allows for fast, clean holes in medium thickness hard and soft wood ≤ 110mm.
€13.09 incl vat

Reisser Hex Shank 235mm Auger Bit

Reisser Hex Shank 235mm Auger Bit allows for boring clean holes in hard and soft woods of greater thicknesses on hard and soft wood applications.
€14.19 incl vat