Air Tightness Mastics

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Blowerproof Brush-On 5Kg

Blowerproof Brush on is used for the discrete airtight sealing of boards, block work and masonry prior to the application of a plaster skim. It is a highly flexible liquid applied membrane and is the perfect solution for sealing joints, corners and penetrations when using plaster as the principle airtight layer. Supplied in a 5kg resealable tub.
€94.56 incl vat

Blowerproof Spray Or Roll On 10Kg

€144.99 incl vat

Vario Double Fit Mastic 310ml

Vario Double Fit Mastic is a 2-in-1 solution, used for creating air-tight joins between vapour membrane and adjacent surfaces. Supplied in a 310ml tube. Supplied in a 310ml tube.
€15.07 incl vat